Shrubs and Hedges in Milton

Shrubs and hedges are a great way to add texture to your commercial property. Invite customers with cascading greenery, breathtaking blooms and splashes of rich colors. If you want to add visual cues to your landscape, The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC’s garden planners can help you welcome your customers

Our Shrubs and Hedges

The plants you choose for your commercial property should reflect the needs of your business. Here are some of the types of shrubs and hedges our garden planners can help you choose from:

Evergreen Flowering Shrubs

Evergreen flowering shrubs keep your commercial property looking lively all year-round. As their name suggests, evergreen shrubs keep their color no matter the season. Some evergreen shrubs even flower, granting them extra splendor during some seasons. Want to add a pop of color and style to your garden in the summer? Consider an evergreen flowering shrub like holly, daphne, or evergreen azaleas.

Hedge Bushes

If you're looking for short hedge bushes to boost curb appeal, consider boxwoods. Boxwoods are a rare deciduous plant in that they don't lose their leaves like others. Instead, they stay vibrant all year long. Boxwoods are a great way to add borders around other landscaping features without obscuring them. Layer beautiful flowers or trees behind hedge bushes for a vivacious aesthetic. As a bonus, boxwoods keep the edges of walkways looking tidy.

Low-Maintenance Shrubs

Many homeowners enjoy tending to their gardens as a pastime. But most business owners prefer low-maintenance landscaping solutions. Low-maintenance shrubs can still be striking landscaping features that offer year-round interest.

Low-maintenance shrubs are hardy and pest-resistant. They need minimal pruning and much less attention than other shrubs. Oakleaf hydrangeas are a popular choice. These plants flower in the summer and change color in the fall, which makes them a versatile landscaping choice. Hibiscus and lavender are also popular garden shrubs.

Shade Loving Shrubs

If parts of your property don't see enough light for lush grass growth, consider shade loving shrubs. These shrubs thrive even without consistent sunshine, so you can maintain a beautiful green landscape. If you're looking for beautiful, blooming shrubs that don't mind the shade, consider hydrangeas. Choose from a variety of colorful blooms to really boost your curb appeal.

Fast-Growing Privacy Plants

If you want sustainable, privacy screens, consider hedge bushes. Evergreens are sturdy privacy bushes that look great all year-round and help reduce noise. Thuja, also referred to as arborvitaes, are coniferous trees ideal for fast-growing privacy hedges. With aromatic wood and the ability to grow over ten feet tall, they’re a smart choice for your business. Privet is also an excellent fast-growing privacy plant.

Our Exceptional Customer Service

Our garden planners have helped countless Milton companies get a unique look for their property. With exceptional attention to detail, we make sure your new plants root the first time around.

When you’re ready to learn more about the best garden shrubs and hedge bushes for your commercial property, give The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC a call!