Lawn Fertilization in Milton

If you want a vibrant lawn for your Milton property, you need the right lawn fertilization. Just like people need food to grow healthy and strong, grass needs nutrients to thrive. And, much like different people have their own dietary needs, different lawns require different amounts of nutrients. Routine lawn care helps keep your grass healthy.

The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC offers specialised lawn care services for companies in Milton. We take pride in crafting unique lawn treatments for each of our clients. Doing so allows us to protect and nurture your landscape. We begin with a detailed assessment and soil test to identify your plants’ needs. With controlled application of the best lawn fertilizers, we provide the most effective local lawn service.

What Is Lawn Fertilization?

Lawn fertilization is the process of adding plant nutrients back to the soil. Besides needing water and air to thrive, grass also needs macro and micro-nutrients. The essential elements of the former are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Key elements of the latter include chlorine, iron, nickel and zinc, among others. These elements help keep your plants healthy and beautiful!

Nowadays, its rare to find topsoil with enough nutrients. This makes it hard to get the lush green lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Professional lawn treatments control the application of lawn fertilizer. Our experts use commercial drop and broadcast spreaders to ensure perfect coverage. You'll get an even green lawn that your customers will love!

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Fertilization?

Proper lawn fertilization offers many benefits. The most obvious is, of course, a vibrant green lawn. When your grass receives all the nutrients it needs, it flourishes throughout your property. With increased density, it also prevents weeds from spreading. Not to mention you’ll get that bright emerald color every property owner wants.

Well-fertilized lawns are also healthier and more stress tolerant. Things like extreme temperatures, heavy foot traffic and even mowing your lawn too short can put stress on your lawn. This can thin your grass, turn it yellow, or even kill your lawn altogether. By fertilizing your lawn, your grass can resist stress conditions and recover more quickly. Healthy grass also fights disease and insect infestations.

When Is the Best Time for Lawn Treatment?

Different properties in Milton need different lawn treatment schedules. Depending on your soil conditions, you might need to fertilize between three and six times a year. The most popular schedule is a six-step process with two lawn treatments in the spring, summer and fall.

It’s always best to trust an experienced lawn service company like The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC to make sure your yard gets the right amount of nutrients. Too much of a good thing can hurt your yard. Lawn fertilizer contains high levels of nitrogen. Applied incorrectly, lawn fertilizer can burn your grass. With a trained team of professional landscapers, we’ll help you find the best schedule to help your lawn thrive without causing any damage.

For Exceptional Lawn Care, Trust The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC’s Lawn Services

If you’re looking for a greener lawn for your Milton property, contact The Urban Gardener Landscape Service LLC. Our lawn care experts will help you beautify your landscape in no time!